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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The budget is set. Please vote yes on April 20.

So tonight the Board of Education passed the budget, thereby setting the amount of the tax levy that will be on the ballot on April 20. We did not go above the 4% cap. We are waiting for the super-duper official signed contract with Cigna to be our new health insurance provider. They have committed to a very promising savings – we just can’t name the amount until we have the contract in hand, which should be any day now. Once that’s inked, we discussed a list tonight of cuts which the Board will restore, if possible depending on the total savings:
5th Grade Instrumental Music
LDTC Teachers in the elementary schools
Public Information Officer
RHS Library Restructuring
Middle School Assistant Principal
Middle School Music Teacher
Next on the list to restore, if we can work out the savings, is the Grade Advisor at RHS.

The budget vote will be April 20. Please understand that if the budget fails, there is no chance of restoring any other cuts, and we would most likely have to make additional cuts – and probably cut some or all of the items listed above.

If the budget fails, it goes to the Village Council. The Council reviews the budget and sets the new tax levy amount, or the total budget dollars. They can keep it the same as we’ve proposed, they can add to it (haha) or they can cut it further. They can give us their advice on what lines should be cut, but we do not have to follow their advice. We just have to meet the total dollar number.

Any questions on the budget, email budget11@ridgewood.k12.nj.us. The budget -- and the complete list of cuts -- is on the district website, and will be updated based on tonight's meeting.

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