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Friday, March 19, 2010

Special Board of Ed meeting tonight 5:00 & a comment about April Break

I'm trying to figure out how to get myself psyched up for this meeting at 5:00. Hmmm...Take a nap? Eat some junk food? Exercise? Waste time on Facebook? Keep trying to think of elements to cut from the budget?

Just a quick note to let you know that the meeting will be televised on Channel 77 and webcast on the District website.

While I have your attention, for all of you who are asking about the loss of two days of April Break, thanks to the two storm days this week...and asking why can't we just move the professional development day or have kids go to school on Good Friday...

As I understand it, the District is contractually required to hold a specific number of professional days for staff, on days when students are not present. We also are required to give students 180 days of school. If we moved that professional development to some other day, we would not be able to give the kids another day off. As for that decision and the Good Friday decision, both of those were considered by the Calendar Committee (which does have parent involvement) when the 2009-2010 calendar was set. Booking a trip has always been a risk during April Break, because as the Academic Calendar clearly states, any excess "snow" days will come from the Friday of that break, and then Thursday, then Wednesday, etc. My son will be on a church service trip, that I already paid for, so he'll have two more absence days. It's annoying, but I feel like our family gambled and and that's that.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and maybe I'll see you at the Ed Center at 5:00.

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