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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

State comparative spending report shows Ridgewood's continued efficiency

OK, I don't have time today to write a summary or look through the entire report, but you might want to check out the NJ Dept of Education's Comparative Spending Guide, which was released yesterday. Open the PDF and search for "Ridgewood" to see where we stand in terms of spending per student, ratio of teachers to students, ratio of administrators to students, etc.

You can see the report by clicking here.

I will write more about this later.

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Anonymous said...


Interesting data. I see Ridgewood ranks 16th out of 36 in Bergen County, which does show some efficiency.

One thing stands out, though, if you look at average per pupil spending by K-12 school size, you see:

0-1800: $12,604
1801-3500: $13,301
3501+ $14,474

(this data would be even more useful if it weren't divided up into such large ranges)

I had thought, as Corzine was loudly saying over the past few years, that smaller schools would have higher per pupil costs than large ones, but it looks like the necessity of having lots of department heads and assistant principals in large schools defeats any savings.

Maybe we're better off in one room school houses after all ;-) Seriously, these data don't correct for school excellence, and Ridgewood certainly does stand out there. Whether it's as good as it can be is what we all argue about